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Extraordinary properties require extraordinary marketing. This very principle is our golden rule. Today, Coldwell Banker Alarcon Estates name is synonymous with luxury and prestige – a badge worn by thousands of Previews Property Specialists worldwide who offer their discerning clients the history, experience, global network, marketing leadership, and trust of one of real estate’s most iconic programs.

Backed by the full resources of our agency program, brings an unmatched combination of real estate expertise, sophisticated marketing tools and powerful international connections to deliver the results you desire.

From global print advertising to digital platforms, the Alarcon Estates team works tirelessly to develop strategic sales and marketing programs that will attract the most-qualified luxury homebuyers to your home.



In 1906, Coldwell Banker founded a real estate company with a revolutionary philosophy: to serve the customers best interest.

Previews redefined luxury real estate marketing by capturing prized estate home on film and held exclusive gatherings for affluent buyers to preview them as cinema.

Over 80 years of global history experience.

Global Network

Experience in Action. Our International Achievements

The 2014 Wall Street Journal/Real Trends “The Thousand” included 147 Coldwell Banker® agents and teams.

Coldwell Banker Previews International Property Specialist boast the most expensive listing and was mentioned by

360º Marketing Reach

A specific program designed with a wide range of powerful and effective tools to bring your luxury listing to the forefront and capture the attention of qualified buyers across the globe.

-Digital Suite

Robust Portfolio of Website, Blog & Social Media Platforms.





Email marketing to our subscribers.

Video Marketing

Over than 20.000 subscribers in our Youtube channel Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC

Social Media


We count with our own production of magazines specialized in the high end real estate industry which have a long history of professionalism, distribution and quality.

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